We’re Here to Connect You with Resources to Make Parenting Easier

Through a universal screening and Connect’s intake and referral process, families are ensured streamlined access to community services and supports that best meet their needs.

Who should contact Connect for help?

Pregnant women and families with young children often find it difficult to locate support that meets their needs. Connect provides a one-stop entry point for services such as education and support for childbirth, newborn care, parenting skills, child development, food and nutrition, mental health, and financial self-sufficiency.

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Phone: (772) 577-7788 Fax (772) 467-2018
[email protected]

Our Participating Programs:

Prenatal Services

  • Pregnancy Education and Support
  • Childbirth Education
  • Stress Management Education

Newborn Services

  • Newborn Care Instruction
  • Breastfeeding Education and Support
  • Nutritional Education
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Infant Safety
  • Home Visiting Programs
  • Child Development Education and Support

Parent Services

  • Parenting Education and Support
  • Counseling Services
  • Help to Quit Smoking
  • Family Planning Education
  • Other Community Resources